The 5 Steps of Perfect Animated Explainer Video by Gisteo

A business needs a quick and more interactive way of marketing its products and, more importantly, its business. Therefore, they are always looking for new ways, like the 30 second explainer videos, to engage an audience and to generate traffic on their websites and social media channels. The marketing strategies like the animated explainer videos offered by Gisteo have taken the marketing industry at a spur. Many companies trust Gisteo’s excellent approach to introducing a business to the world through animated explanatory videos. Here’s how Gisteo helps in creating outstanding explanatory videos for businesses. 



Step-by-Step Process of Gisteo

It can be surprising for many people the way Gisteo can explain the main plot and idea of your business to the audience effortlessly. Several steps are involved before creating a company’s final animated explanatory video. Here are the 5 steps followed by Gisteo to deliver amazing animated videos. 

Step-1 Learn and Discover

The first step involves thoroughly understanding and learning about the client and his needs. Gisteo implemented this step by learning the pre-production questionnaire filled out by the client. The client can mention their needs and goals clearly in the questionnaire. 

Step-2 Script Preparation

Once the experts know the clients’ goals, the next step is preparing a script. The experts at Gisteo will prepare the script that can also be called a design and blueprint for the entire video. They will send a draft of the script to the clients for any comments and changes as per their choice.  

Step-3 Frame by Frame Visuals

The third step involves creating the storyboard by converting the approved script into frame-by-frame visuals. Once the visuals are created, they can give the outlook of the final video. Gisteo welcomes any comments and client feedback in this step as well. The professionals at Gisteo can also help you with creating the cartoons and characters for the cartoon explainer video

Step-4 Give It a Voice

The next step is to give a voice to the characters. For this, Gisteo will provide the handpicked auditions of the voice artists. The clients can select a voiceover as per their choice and goals. They can also suggest their requirements. 

Step-5 Impart Animation

This last step involves combining the various animation elements and creating an outstanding animated video. The professional animators at Gisteo ensure that everything comes to life after the special effects and elements are applied to animated explainers

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