How Does Gisteo Help Brands with Professional Explainer Videos?

Brands need to follow different methods and strategies to engage their customers. Explainer videos are one of the prominent ways of increasing customer engagement. The explainer videos can help you catch the attention of your potential customers. It can easily explain the objective of your product and services to the customers. You can find various companies for the explainer videos, but it is important to select an experienced company. Experienced companies like Gisteo can help you portray your brand and products perfectly. It is among the leading explainer video production companies that can help you with animated explainer videos to engage your customers. Here are 6 steps in which Gisteo can help you with professional explainer videos. 


Step 1: Discovery

In the first step, the team at Gisteo will try to analyze and understand the client’s goals. It will study the pre-production questionnaire filled out by the clients to know more about them. The clients need to fill in the questionnaire with a few essential details like the main competitors, a description of the products and services, USP, and more. 

Step 2: Script 

In this step, the professional team at Gisteo will provide you with a blueprint that can serve as a script for the explainer video productionIt will create a script with room for changes. The clients can comment and suggest changes as they require for the entire explainer video. The team will modify the script according to the changes and present the revised script to the clients, and upon approval, it will move forward. 

Step 3: Creating a Storyboard

The professionals at Gisteo are experienced in creating visual storyboards for clients. They can transform the script into a frame-by-frame video. Gisteo welcomes any suggestions and comments from the clients in this step. 

Step 4: Voice-Over 

The next step is adding the voice-overs for the animated explainer video. Gisteo is a professional explainer video company that can help you create an engaging explainer video. The customers can select the voice artists after listening to the custom auditions from Gisteo. 

Step 5: Add Animation 

In this step, everything will come to life. The professional animation team at Gisteo will combine visuals and audio with motion. It can create and add the best animation effects to the explainer video to make it more engaging. 

Step 6: Delivery 

In the final step, Gisteo will deliver the outcome to its clients in a specific file format. The clients can easily share and promote it, achieving their goals. 

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